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Customer Management and Invoicing are tightly integrated, making for easy tracking and analysis.

For the best customer service quick and efficient retrieval of essential information paramount. The main customer's page includes their details, a summary of transactions, invoices and credit notes, and a log.

Customer Details

  • Customers can be "on account", balance transfers to new invoice.
  • Address links to Google Maps for directions.
  • Public and "hidden" notes.
  • Assign to different customer categories.
  • Intelligently resizes to any screen size – no special app required for smartphones.


  • Quickly and easily find a customer on any part of name, company, phone or address.
  • Quick access to customer details, invoices, credit notes, log.
  • Download customer list complete with invoice summary.

Invoice History

  • At a glance see a visual representation of trade with this customer for the past 3 years.
  • Lists all invoices issued to the customer. See at a glance what is owed and what is overdue.
  • Automatically calculated Credit Rating based on whether or not a customer is punctual with payments or habitually tardy.


  • Versatile - use for logging work, calls, emails.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Quickly enter an entry from any page.
  • Can either be assigned to customer or not.

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