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What is it?

Keo is a complete solution to manage customers, invoicing, stock and assets, including an integrated cashbook and various other reports.

Designed to be simple, fast and flexible, and free from restrictions. Whichever installation option you choose you are in control of your data, not some third party.


Keo includes the essential features you need to run a business.

There are multiple installation options to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you require accessibility from any location, or only use Keo from your local network there are optimum solutions available.

Keo adapts to your screen size, which means you can invoice from any internet enabled device, including your smartphone - without a special app!


Keo takes the security of your data seriously. As a business owner you should be in control of your data and who can access it.

Each business can have multiple sign-ons, allowing you to create users that have access only to the areas that are required for their role.

With multiple installation options, you can choose the type of installation that maximises the security and availability for your specific requirements.

A full database backup can be generated with just one click, and can be restored in just seconds, so if the worst happens downtime is minimal.

Start Now

Try out the demo right now, or contact us at to set up an empty database for your business to get started immediately.

In order to begin all you need are 2 image files with your business logo for invoices and reports. These need to be 224 x 25 pixels, and 635 x 150 pixels. PNG format gives the clearest logos when printing, and there should be no transparency (ie a white background should be white, not transparent).


Keo makes a great base platform for custom requirements and extensions. Keo has been developed with using an iterative and incremental development model, and is designed with extensibility in mind.

Every business has different requirements - if your business has special requirements that aren't covered by Keo contact us at to see if we can extend Keo to accommodate your needs.