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Installation Options

Choose your level of accessibility

Keo is written with web-based technologies, which means you access it through your web-browser. Keo can be set up to be accessible only to your private network or computer, or accessible from any internet enabled device, meaning you can invoice even remotely from a smartphone. And because the system adapts to your screen you don't even need a special app!

Keo can be installed on a publicly accessible webserver, or installed on your own computer or network using freely available XAMPP or Virtualbox. Each option has its own benefits.

If Keo is only to be used within an organisation internally the ideal set up is to host the system on a Virtual Machine. This has several advantages, not least is separation between the host and client reduces attack vectors. It makes backup simple, and the system is not tied to the hardware it is installed on.

  • Virtualbox

    • Prebuilt configuration - quickest way to be up and going.
    • No ongoing monthly cost.
    • Low latency (lag) in response times (ie fast).
    • Additional backup options.
    • Can be accessible from the internet using Port Forwarding.

    • Requires some simple configuration.
    • No ongoing monthly cost.
    • Very low latency (lag) in response times (ie fast).
    • Can be accessible on the internet using Port Forwarding.
  • 3rd Party Webserver

    • Available anywhere.
    • Recommended if sending customers links to online invoice.
    • Ongoing monthly cost.
    • Latency (lag) in response.
    • More vulnerable to hacking and DDOS attacks.

    Keo can be hosted on public facing hosts (ie webserver), with some caveats. It is also a requirement for online invoices (invoices that customers can access through the system). Vulnerability to attack is always a concern for public facing websites, so Keo should only be publicly hosted if absolutely necessary. Secondly, SSL should be implemented as a matter of course. Thirdly, password strength should be strong.

Backup & Transfer

A complete backup of the database can be made by any authorised user. The user can download or upload these backups. Backups should be done before and after entering large amounts of data, and on a regular basis. Data sets can be sent to an accountant for easy analysis.

The database can be transferred to a new installation in seconds, minimizing downtime in the event of a hardware failure or upgrade to new technology.

  • One click backup.
  • Easy transfer to second installation.

Multiple Businesses per installation

Keo can accommodate multiple businesses per installation, with the caveat that you can only use one business at a time on the same computer or device.

This is especially convenient for a small trader who may operate multiple businesses.

  • One click backup of all businesses under a single installation.
  • Although the businesses are separate from a user's point of view they should be related, since they share the same database. If this is unacceptable simply create a separate installation.

Start Now

Try out the demo right now, or contact us at to set up an empty database for your business to get started immediately.

In order to begin all you need are 2 image files with your business logo for invoices and reports. These need to be 224 x 25 pixels, and 635 x 150 pixels. PNG format gives the clearest logos when printing, and there should be no transparency (ie a white background should be white, not transparent).