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Designed for ease of use with maximum flexibility.

For publicly accessible installations you can invoice from anywhere using just your mobile phone - no app required.

Email the invoice directly from the invoice screen.

Print, Email, Online

  • For maximum flexibility you can print the invoice (pdf), email directly, or provide a link to the most up-to-date version of the invoice.
  • One-Click send invoice by email.
  • For each invoice you can choose whether to print with or without GST (sales tax) on each item (still included in the total).
  • For each invoice you can choose whether to include your terms and conditions attached to the invoice.
  • Choose whether to label an invoice normal, overdue, paid or copy.
  • For publicly accessible installations (ie. on a public webserver) customers can have online access to their invoices via a unique code. This code has set begin and expiry dates.

Invoice Items

  • Search for an item.
  • Automatically add description and cost.
  • Override description and cost.
  • Automatic stock deduction.
  • Prices can vary by day - automatically loads the price set for the date of the invoice if it's future or past dated.

Fees and Discounts

  • Add a fee for a set amount, such as a 50c cheque fee.
  • Add a fee for an amount proportional to the invoice total (eg. 5%), such as late payment interest (be sure to advise the customer in advance in your terms that they will be liable to interest).
  • Add a discount for a set amount, or an amount proportional to the invoice total (eg. 5%).
  • Add a Prompt Payment discount that expires if the invoice is overdue.


  • Track payments by payment method.
  • Automatically credit direct payments.
  • Track cash and cheques collected.

And more...

  • Forward outstanding balances to new invoice (eg. for customers on a monthly account).
  • Set a reminder for a new invoice.
  • Issue Credit Notes for refunds etc.

Need a Custom Invoice?

Do you have specific invoice requirements? Contact us at for a customised invoice.