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Although initially intended as a single user system the modular nature of the system lends itself well to a modular security protocol. This allows the minimum of information required to be accessible for a given situation. For example if a user needs generate an onsite invoice, they should use a login that only allows access to customer and invoice information. This does not expose confidential business information. Another situation may be have a receptionist issuing invoices – again, it may be undesirable for this position to have access to other confidential business information.

Keo can be hosted on public facing hosts (ie webserver), with some caveats. It is also a requirement for online invoices (invoices that customers can access through the system). Vulnerability to attack is always a concern for public facing websites, so Keo should only be publicly hosted if absolutely necessary. Secondly, SSL should be implemented as a matter of course. Thirdly, password strength should be strong.

If Keo is only to be used within an organisation internally the ideal set up is to host the system on a Virtual Machine. This has several advantages, not least is separation between the host and client reduces attack vectors. It makes backup simple, and the system is not tied to the hardware it is installed on.

For better security the system can easily be implemented on a local network – a virtual machine is recommended.

Keo can be a "cloud" based service, but doesn't need to be. The point of difference between Keo and other online services is in the control of the system. “Cloud” is a euphemism for “someone else's computer” - you are not in control of who can see your data or what they do with it. Any publicly available system is vulnerable to some degree. Financial information is some of the most sensitive information your business owns. Very careful consideration needs to be given before offloading its safekeeping to another entity. Keo can be installed on any server you control.

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