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Where practical a responsive design has been used. This is especially important for invoicing, to allow for invoices to be created efficiently on a desktop, a tablet, or even a phone. The layout is different for each screen size, to maximise efficiency when creating or viewing an invoice.

Consistent icons (courtesy of Font Awesome), and consistent icon locations are used throughout, in order to minimise the learning curve. For example a plus symbol in the top right area will always mean “create a new item”, be that customer, invoice, stock item, etc.

Colour has been used to denote which section you are in, so you can tell at a glance where you are. For example “stock items” is yellow, “fees” are purple. When generating an invoice the item section is yellow, and the fees section is purple.



  • Yii
  • MySQL
  • FPDF
  • jQuery
  • Foundation
  • Font Awesome

The system uses Yii for the underlying framework. Yii was chosen as was the fastest framework at the time, has great forum support, and was not unnecessarily complex or bloated.

Yii uses a MVC architecture, which suits itself well to the requirements of a business management system which requires mainly CRUD operations.

Passwords are salted and hashed, as are answers to security questions. Data passed to report generators are also encrypted.



Keo makes a great base platform for custom requirements and extensions. Keo has been developed with using an iterative and incremental development model, and is designed with extensibility in mind.

Every business has different requirements - if your business has special requirements that aren't covered by Keo contact us at to see if we can extend Keo to accommodate your needs.